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At my block party I will:
  • Keep alcohol on private property only 
  • Be respectful of party noise and not amplify music 
  • Keep access open to emergency vehicles
  • Make tables and other structures easy to move
  • Clean up afterwards 
  • Notify my neighbours at least one week in advance
City of Vancouver Block Party Liability Insurance Limitations
The free liability insurance for block parties on City streets has limitations and exclusions. The following are just some items or activities where there is no liability insurance coverage:
  1. Groups over 250 attendees;
  2. Liquor liability;
  3. The sale of products or food;
  4. Trampolines or bouncy castles;
  5. Fireworks;
  6. Sporting, athletic, boxing, or martial arts events; or
  7. Farm animals or other non-domestic animals.
You will need to obtain (at your own cost) and provide evidence for City’s review of additional insurance coverage should such items or activities occur at your block party.
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