Emery Barnes Park
Recreation Facilities
About the Park
This small urban oasis offers many pleasant seating areas for eating lunch, reading a paper, or playing a game of chess. A fast-flowing stream culminates in a tiered fountain surrounded by pergolas and lush plantings. When the bright flowers of the summer have faded, mosaics in the streambed and next to the pathway continue to add colour throughout the winter.

Emery Barnes Park was built in 3 phases. Phase 1, facing Richards Street, featuring a fountain, stream, benches and plantings was completed in 2003. Phase 2 featured an off-leash dog park, a children’s playground, seating areas, and an open lawn space surrounded by an oval pedestrian path, and was completed in Summer 2010.

Phase 3 completes the park with an entry plaza at Davie and Seymour Streets, fully integrating Emery Barnes Park as a social gathering place for downtown residents. This portion of the park is defined by a pedestrian gateway framed by trees, shrubs, benches, trellises and chess board tables. Phase 3 of the park was completed in April 2012.

the park is wheelchair-accessible