Everett Crowley Park
Park Location
8200 Kerr Street
(@ SE Marine Drive)
38.08 hectares
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Recreation Facilities
About the Park
Everett Crowley is a green sanctuary. From the views of patterned Richmond farmlands to the tranquil New Kinross Creek and Avalon Pond, many people enjoy the variety of informal spaces in this park; there are many trails and quiet places to enjoy choruses of birds and a lush woodland feel.
Originally known as the Kerr Road Dump, this area was a closed landfill for 25 years before its official opening as a park in 1987. The site is named for Everett Crowley, longtime resident and owner of Avalon—Vancouver's last independent dairy. Everett Crowley was also a Park Board Commissioner, serving from 1961-1966.

The natural environment has recovered resulting in a lovely wooded and hilly habitat frequented by birds and other urban wildlife.
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