Major Matthews Park
Park Location
2627 Manitoba Street
(@ W 11th Avenue)
Mount Pleasant
0.06 hectare
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Recreation Facilities
About the Park
This small park has plenty of comfortable seats and pleasant inward views. Children enjoy the playground, and the gazebo is a wonderful place to sip lemonade or play some tunes on a guitar.
This park was named in 1990 for Major James Skit Matthews, Vancouver’s first City Archivist. A native of Wales, Matthews moved to Vancouver in 1898 and decided that it was such a wonderful place that he would stay. Always meticulous about details, he collected limitless memorabilia and conducted interviews of all the characters that comprised the fledgling city. He served with honour in World War I and obtained the rank of Major after leading the first and second waves of attack from the trenches at Ypres. When he retired from his various lines of employment in 1925 he turned to his avocation and offered his services to the City of Vancouver in establishing a city archives. As a result of his efforts, Vancouver became the first city in Canada to build a municipal archives which opened on Vanier Park in 1975 and was named for Major Skitt Matthews.
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