Public Art Registry
Mind Crystal
Photo: Karen Henry
Mind Crystal - photo by Karen Henry
Mind Crystal - photo by Karen Henry
Georgia & Hamilton
šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn
north west corner of plaza
Marble & Granite
In place
City of Vancouver
Celebrate Vancouver 125 - Changing Times
Description of work
"Mind Crystal" is part of a series of works based on hexagonal city planters found around Vancouver and the pattern of the human eye retina and crystal formations. It was commissioned by the Public Art Program through a selection process for artworks to celebrate the City's 125th anniversary. The forms are influenced by the shape and contingencies of the stone itself during the carving process, and was carved in China under the artist's supervision.
Artist statement
Kerr's sculpture is associated with images and forms that we see around us. His practice is to give new life to these associations through different materials and scale. This granite and inlay sculpture is exquisitely carved, and is visually grounded in modernist architecture, art history and local cultural iconography.
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