Tisdall Park
Recreation Facilities
Football FieldsFootball Fields(x1)
Senior's Wellness CircuitSenior's Wellness Circuit
Ultimate FieldsUltimate Fields(x2)
About the Park
Throughout the day, people visit Tisdall Park to walk the curving paths that surround the park. The magnificent catalpa trees provide ample shade to stop for lunch, a chat, or even a game of cards. The park is named for its bounding street.

The park features a seniors' wellness circuit located in the northwest part of the park. The circuit is a series of 13 activity stations including a cardio stepper, squat press, balance steps and tai chi wheels that are designed to help seniors – and everyone else, too – stay mobile and physically active. The circuit was opened in July, 2009 and was partially funded with a $100,000 ActNow BC grant.