Trillium Park
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Recreation Facilities
Field HockeyField Hockey(x2)
Soccer FieldsSoccer Fields(x2)
Ultimate FieldsUltimate Fields(x1)
About the Park
The park offers something for everyone. The south end consists of two synthetic turf fields that are used for field hockey, soccer and ultimate, with a perimeter walking path. The fields are lit and are heavily used by the local community and for tournaments.

The north end of the park consists of a playground, amphitheatre, lawn area, meadows, rain gardens, community plaza, covered multi-use park shelter and harvest bench. It is a venue for many neighbourhood events, and where art and environmental education can be demonstrated.

Some areas of Trillium Park North (meadows, rain gardens) have been naturalized. This requires new approaches to design and maintenance. Naturalized areas are environmentally sustainable. They are not mowed, fertilized or irrigated and don't look like typical manicured parks. They include a diversity of plants, including native plants that provide habitat for bees and other pollinators, are used for producing weaving material, dyes and artwork, and create a learning environment for schoolchildren and the community.


This 3.05 hectare site within the False Creek Flats has undergone a major transformation through the years. Originally tidal mud flats, the area had been filled in and used as a railway yard in the 1930’s and ultimately purchased for park purposes in the 1990’s. A master plan was subsequently developed, identifying the site for the construction of two synthetic sports fields along with a passive park on the north end of the park.

This site underwent environmental remediation and preloading for several years prior to the beginning of park construction in 2009. The synthetic sports fields were completed in 2010 and the washrooms/change rooms were completed in the following year. The remaining northern portion of the site, approximately 1ha, was completed in 2014.