Delamont Park
Park Location
2091 W 7th Avenue
(@ Arbutus Street)
0.22 hectare
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Recreation Facilities
About the Park
This small park features a large children’s playground, partially shaded by the lacy leaves of tall locust trees. Winding paths add mystery as they curve between the heritage buildings and the unused rail right-of-way.
This park was officially opened and dedicated to Arthur Delamont in 1981 shortly before his death. Delamont was a well known and respected bandleader for five decades conducting the famous Kitsilano Boys Band and the UBC Varsity Pep Band. The Kitsilano Boys Band, founded by Delamont, was widely considered to have brought Vancouver more international recognition than any other city organization. Founded in 1928 the group became known as the Ambassadors of Goodwill. Delamont’s bands won over 200 competitive prizes, appeared at five world fairs and took the band on 14 tours abroad.

In 1939 Delamont founded the UBC Varsity Pep Band whose inspirational sounds could be heard at packed noon hour pep rallies and T-Bird hockey and football games. He pumped up the students for 43 years until his passing in 1982.
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