Carleton Park
Park Location
3450 Price Street
(@ Joyce Street)
0.68 hectare
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Recreation Facilities
About the Park
Carleton is a quiet and small park. Tucked into a corner of the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood, people come here to enjoy a tranquil moment or to watch their children having fun on the playground.
This park was opened in 1930 and is named for a nearby school “Sir Guy Carleton”, the first Governor in Chief of Canada circa 1768. In 1957, local residents petitioned the Park Board to enlarge the small greenspace by purchasing adjacent lands to assemble a more commodious space. This however was not approved by City Council, who in former days had more stringent financial controls over the elected Park Board. In 1958 Council did give approval to purchasing more parkland two blocks away to further green the community.
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