Grimmett Park
Park Location
169 E 19th Avenue
(@ Quebec Street)
Riley-Little Mountain
0.24 hectare
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About the Park
This welcoming park offers a small open lawn and gently curving paths surrounded by a variety of young trees. The lovely textures and colours of the flower beds can be appreciated from one of the benches.
Developed about 1931 this site was originally known as Quebec Park. It was named for John Fletcher Grimmett who had been a City Councillor and whose parents had been Vancouver pioneers.

In 1937 the Pacific Lawn Bowling Club built a structure for an indoor facility. The Club had asked the Park Board to contribute 20% of the funds but Park Board Chair Rowe Holland was opposed to subsidizing a facility that was used almost exclusively by club members rather than allowing access for all Vancouverites.

In the late 1980s the Park Board was petitioned by community members to remove the facility, at the end of its lease, and return the park space to this park deficient neighbourhood. The lawn bowlers will eventually move to Nat Bailey Stadium Park and share the new The Millennium Sports Complex with a gymnastics club.
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