Angus Park
Park Location
3600 Angus Drive
(@ Alexandra Street)
1 hectare
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About the Park
This gently curving crescent of lawn is dotted with stately trees. Located in quiet Shaughnessy, it is a pleasant place to walk or pause on a bench under one of the lovely trees.
This park was planned as an ornamental feature to Angus Drive during the creation of the Shaughnessy subdivision. The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) donated the park to the city. The park, as was the street, was named for Richard B. Angus, a director of the CPR who was born in Bathgate, Scotland on May 30, 1830. He emigrated to Canada and started as a clerk for the Bank of Montreal. Three years later he was promoted to accountant and was transferred to Chicago in 1861 and appointed agent for the bank there. In 1869, following a swift rise in the organization, he became General Manager of the Bank of Montreal.

In 1879 he was asked to be a representative of the then St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway and the same year was also made a Director of the Bank of Montreal. The aforementioned railroad developed into the CPR and the Great Northern. On June 22, 1910, Angus was elected President of the Bank of Montreal. He was 80 years old at the time. He held this position for three years.
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