Tecumseh Park
Park Location
1751 E 45th Avenue
(@ Bruce Street)
2.09 hectares
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Recreation Facilities
About the Park
Tecumseh was officially opened in September 2010 after a $500,000 upgrade. The upgrades include new play equipment and seating area, paved areas to accommodate tai chi practitioners, levelled lawn areas, improved drainage and new pathways around the perimeter. A prominent feature in the children's playground is a bright red 1940s tractor which has been modified to be child-friendly.
This site was named on November 27, 1967 after nearby Tecumseh School which was presumably named for the famous Shawnee warrior born in 1768 in the Ohio territories. In the Shawnee language, Tecumseh means Panther Springing across the Sky. This renowned native warrior fought along side the British forces in the War of 1812 and was killed in battle in 1813.
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