Langara Park
Park Location
200 W 49th Avenue
(@ Columbia Street)
1.21 hectares
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About the Park
A small piece of land bridging Langara College and the South Slope YMCA, the Langara Park Site offers both grand shade trees and a pleasant open lawn. A portion of the lovely winding path that circumnavigates the Langara Golf Course passes through this site.
First owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and developed as a golf course in 1926, Langara gets its name from what Spanish explorers originally called the Point Grey area, Punta de Langara. Lt. Eliza of the Spanish Navy named the point of land after Admiral Langara who died in Madrid in January 1806.

The Park Board became interested in the CPR’s golf course as early as 1957 and finally obtained a lease on February 5, 1968. On December 3, 1973 the City purchased the additional 66 acres of property from the CPR with 20 of those acres used for housing and two acres being sold to the YMCA for a recreational facility. The balance of the land was used for a reconfigured golf course (completed in1977) and parkland. Total cost was $4.5 million.

Langara Golf Course was totally redesigned in the mid-1990s.
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