Woodland Park
Park Location
705 Woodland Drive
(@ Adanac Street)
1.58 hectares
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Recreation Facilities
Soccer FieldsSoccer Fields(x2)
Wading PoolWading Pool(x1)
Washroom Information
LocationWinter hoursSummer hoursNotes
Central, field houseDawn to DuskDawn to DuskCaretaker on site
About the Park
Woodland Park is an attractive combination of large open spaces and small garden and recreation spaces. The playground areas and fieldhouse are sheltered by tall, old trees; be sure to see the unique totem garden, a collection of native plantings, First Nations totem pole, and contemporary sculpture.
This park was created in 1912 and named for a bounding street. Woodland Drive first appeared on Vancouver maps in 1897 referencing the lovely woods found in the area at that time.

In 1931 real estate magnate Harvey Hadden died having made a fortune since his arrival in Vancouver from Nottingham, England. Hadden bequeathed half of his $1 million estate to the Park Board for the establishment of playing fields and facilities for the working class people. In 1957 the Park Board used a portion of the Hadden bequest to double the original size of Woodland Park. In 1963 a road that bisected the park was closed and the park amalgamated as one.
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