Aberdeen Park
Recreation Facilities
About the Park
Aberdeen Park, completed in 2005, is a welcome amenity to the Collingwood neighbourhood. It provides 2.5 acres of quiet, green space to this relatively new, high density area. The park, designed in consultation with the community, is passive in character. Sports amenities are provided at the two other existing parks in the area.

The park has a variety of specimen quality conifer trees, a gently sloping central lawn with a southern exposure framed by a variety of large, stately deciduous trees and ringed by a paved, closed loop paved walkway terminating at a hard surface plaza. Along with the trees, low berms provide a sense of enclosure to the sprawling lawn. An accessible lookout rising 5 feet above the street level provides park users with an overview of the entire park. A playground, with resilient rubber surface is adjacent to the central plaza. Site amenities include a drinking fountain, benches, trash receptacles, accessible picnic tables and concrete seating walls. Pedestrian lighting is provided along the walk connecting Foster Avenue and Crowley Avenue.