Ebisu Park
Recreation Facilities
About the Park
Ebisu Park (pronounced eh-BE-su) is divided by a city lane with the western portion featuring two playgrounds for different ages including a climbing rock. The park's eastern side is comprised of lawn and a pinetum boasting 17 small pines which will reach heights of 30 feet over the ensuing decades.

The park was created after the Vancouver Park Board and City Council agreed that the Marpole neighbourhood was park-deficient resulting in the purchase of three parcels of land at a cost of $3,363,000.

Ebisu Park was named in October 2008 following a public process that included submissions from community residents. Ebisu is the Japanese God of Fishermen, of the working man, protector of young children and good luck. The name reflects and celebrates the heritage of the community and acknowledges the history of this area of Marpole that was once home to a thriving Japanese fishing community in the early part of the 1900s.