inges idee
Berlin, Germany
"Receiver", Danish Public Radio: Copenhagen, Denmark(2009/2010); "Ghost", Towada Art Project: Japan (2009); "Let's Go", Main Stadium: Kaosiung, Taiwan (2008); "Trojan", University for Applied Computer Sciences: Augsberg, Germany (2008); "Growing Gardener", Osaka Art Village: Tokyo, Japan (2006); "On Tour", Concert Hall: Vara, Sweden (2002).
 inges idee
inges idee was founded in Berlin in 1992 and is a group of four German artists: Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas Schmidt, and Georg Zey. The group's activity focuses on public art with recent projects completed in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan and Singapore. Team work has served to enrich a creative process in which new and challenging solutions for projects in the public realm are found. In addition to collaborating with the group, each artist is involved in his own individual artistic practice.
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 inges idee
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