Public Art Registry

The Public Art Registry is a database of unique and original artworks commissioned through the City's Public Art Program and created by practicing artists.The database also includes select cultural and historical assets that were not commissioned through the program but have significant value to the artistic landscape of the city. 

  • Aerodynamic Forms in Space, 2010

    Rodney Graham

    Aerodynamic Forms in Space, 2010

    Located at: Georgia Street entrance, West End

  • Walking Spectrum, 2021

    Devon Knowles

    Walking Spectrum, 2021

    Located at: 601 West Hastings Street, Downtown

  • Double Blind, 2008

    Antonia Hirsch

    Double Blind, 2008

    Located at: 1120 East 7th Avenue, Mount Pleasant

  • Dichroic Vancouver, 2015

    Bill Pechet

    Dichroic Vancouver, 2015

    Located at: 980 Howe Street, Downtown

  • Kingsway Trail, 2012

    Sonny Assu

    Kingsway Trail, 2012

    Located at: , Mount Pleasant

  • He Walked A Giant, 2023

    Aaron Nelson-Moody

    He Walked A Giant, 2023

    Located at: šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn Plaza (formerly Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza), Downtown

  • Spring Awakening, 2023

    Atheana Picha

    Spring Awakening, 2023

    Located at: 600 Hamilton

  • Humble Bee, 2023

    Olivia George

    Humble Bee, 2023

    Located at: 630 Hamilton, Downtown

  • Present Presence, 2023

    Lauren Crazybull

    Present Presence, 2023

    Located at: Cambie Street & Marine Drive

  • sʔi:ɬqəy̓, 2023

    Kitty Guerin

    sʔi:ɬqəy̓, 2023

    Located at: 350 W Georgia Street, Downtown

  • A Rock Divided, 2022

    Henrik Håkansson

    A Rock Divided, 2022

    Located at: 1568 Alberni Street, West End

  • PACE IN SPACE!, 2023

    Pedro Reyes

    PACE IN SPACE!, 2023

    Located at: 1128 West Georgia

  • A Parallax View, 2022

    Babak Golkar

    A Parallax View, 2022

    Located at: 320 Granville, Downtown

  • Home Edition, 2022

    Jeffery Chong

    Home Edition, 2022

    Located at: 700 Hamilton Street, Downtown

  • Blanketing the City IV: Cathedral Square, 2021

    Debra Sparrow

    Blanketing the City IV: Cathedral Square, 2021

    Located at: 566 Richards

  • Weekend Chime, 2021

    Brady Cranfield

    Weekend Chime, 2021

    Located at: 800 Robson Street, Downtown

  • Personnages, 2021

    Lyse Lemieux

    Personnages, 2021

    Located at: 889 Pacific Street, Downtown

  • Adrift, 2019

    Rebecca Belmore

    Adrift, 2019

    Located at: 350 West Georgia Street, Downtown

  • Playtime, 2016

    Myfanwy MacLeod

    Playtime, 2016

    Located at: 4480 Oak Street, Shaughnessy

  • Substation Pavilion, 2014

    Cedric Bomford

    Substation Pavilion, 2014

    Located at: 108 East 1st Avenue, Mount Pleasant

  • Monument for East Vancouver, 2010

    Ken Lum

    Monument for East Vancouver, 2010

    Located at: Clark Drive at East 6th Avenue, Grandview-Woodland

  • The Birds, 2010

    Myfanwy MacLeod

    The Birds, 2010

    Located at: 1 Athletes Way, Mount Pleasant

  • People Amongst the People, 2008

    Susan Point

    People Amongst the People, 2008

    Located at: Stanley Park, Stanley Park

  • Time Top, 2006

    Jerry Pethick

    Time Top, 2006

    Located at: False Creek foreshore, Downtown

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