Vanessa Kwan
Vancouver, Canada
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Vanessa Kwan is a Vancouver-based artist, writer and curator. As an artist, her practice has often involved the production of work in public space, and a negotiation of collaborative, spatial and social parameters. Projects include a permanent public artwork called Geyser for Hillcrest Park (with Erica Stocking), Sad Sack, a series of collaborations on the subject of melancholy, and This bloom your nightly companion, a moonlight garden. She is a founding member of the arts collective Norma, who were a recipient of the Mayor’s Arts Award for Emerging Artist in Public Art in 2011. She is also Program Director at grunt gallery, and a curator/producer with Other Sights for Artists’ Projects , an organization committed to commissioning temporary works in public space.

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Vanessa Kwan
Vanessa Kwan
Vanessa Kwan
Mount Pleasant
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