Michael Lin
Taipei, Taiwan
Photo: Tom Chen
Michael Lin - photo by Tom Chen

Michael Lin is an artist living and working in Taipei. Lin turns away from painting as an object of contemplation towards one of painting as a bounded, physical space, one we can settle into and inhabit. Lin orchestrates monumental painting installations that re-conceptualize and reconfigure public spaces. Using patterns and designs appropriated from traditional textiles his works have been exhibited in major institutions and international Biennials around the world: The Venice Biennial, PS1, New York, The Palais de Tokyo, Paris, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, The Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai. Transforming the institutional architecture of the public museum, his unconventional paintings invite visitors to reconsider their usual perception of those spaces, and to become an integral part of the work, giving meaning to its potential as an area for interaction, encounter, and re-creation.

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Michael Lin
West End
Private development
Artwork has been removed.
Michael Lin
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