Brady Cranfield
Vancouver, Canada
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Portrait of Brady Cranfield - photo by Credit not available

Brady Cranfield is a Vancouver-based sound and visual artist, musician, writer and educator. He holds an MA in Communications and an MFA from Simon Fraser University. He is the founder and co-organizer (in collaboration with the artist Kathy Slade) of the ongoing public art project The Music Appreciation Society, and he frequently collaborates with artist Jamie Hilder. He has presented work at the Contemporary Art Gallery (2020), Gordon Smith Gallery for Canadian Art (2018), Or Gallery (2012), the Western Front (2004), the Charles H. Scott Gallery (2008) and Artspeak (2008) in Vancouver. He is also a member of the improv/electronic/jazz trio Alfred Jarry and the duo Vomit Fraud with Kay Higgins.

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Brady Cranfield
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