Public Art Registry
Photo: the artist
Perennials - photo by the artist
1088 Cambie Street
Beatty Walk
Along Beatty Walk, beginning at the NE corner of Cambie St. and Expo Blvd.
Private development
Granite, slate, coloured concrete
Fountain or water feature
In place
Description of work
A semi-circle of shattered glass screens with etched leaves is visible from the street and lit at night. In the courtyard is a 4,500 sq. ft. leaf-shaped pool; situated around it are black granite seats with a word - hybrid, seasonal, wild, uprooted, perennial, transplanted - carved into each like the title of a botanical drawing. The leaf pool is visible in it's entirety from the suites above.
Artist statement
"Chance, timing and planning have brought the cultivation of new plants, residents, architecture and even art to the city of Vancouver. Perennials is a sculptural overlay, a botanical metaphor for the constant shifts in natural and cultural landscapes and for the fragility of their survival." (press release)
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