Public Art Registry
Placed Upon the Horizon (Casting Shadows)
Photo: Barbara Cole
Placed Upon the Horizon (Casting Shadows) - photo by Barbara Cole
750 Hornby Street
Vancouver Art Gallery
Over doors facing Robson Street
Yellow cedar
In place
Vancouver Art Gallery
Description of work
A text in yellow cedar (Placed Upon the Horizon (Casting Shadows) is located on the south facade of the VancouverArt Gallery above the columns.
Artist statement
"The statement "Placed Upon the Horizon (Casting Shadows)" is a sculpture by American artist Lawrence Weiner. Since the 1960's, Weiner has made sculptures which can exist in three separate states: as conceptual proposals described in language; as objects made of materials somehow related to the place in which they are installed; and as objects accompanied by a statement describing them. The Vancouver Art Gallery's sculpture is made of cedar (a "material of the region") and is placed in a public space where it can be seen by many other people than those who visit art galleries." (From artwork description issued by the VAG)
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