Public Art Registry
Photo: Barbara Cole
Uncoverings - photo by Barbara Cole
Four different sites:  Beatty & Robson, Burrard & Dunsmuir, Burrard & Georgia, Burrard & Smithe
All four projects are flush with sidewalk near curbs and incorporate Central Heat vapour outlets
Site-integrated work
In place
City of Vancouver
Vapour Project
Description of work
Round glass and steel covers are inset into the sidewalk over the vapour outlets of an underground heating system. They are lit from underneath at night and steam may be seen to escape around them. The words "collected/dispersed" and one other site-specific word is embossed on the glass at each site. The words refer to the systems of exchange in the underground heating plant as well as the communities of exchange within the city itself.
Artist statement
Uncoverings is "a series of four textured glass and stainless steel sidewalk installations. Each reveals to the passerby the nature of hidden systems of the City. The piece includes evocative text and a subsurface structure that allows for the collection of fresh air and rainwater, the release of water vapour from vent pipes under the ground, and a connection into the City's streetlighting infrastructure. Each work operates on an individual, site-specific level as well as being part of collective, interconnected network." (the artists)
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