Public Art Registry
Scopes of Site
Photo: Barbara Cole
Scopes of Site - photo by Barbara Cole
500 Nicola Street
Cascina/Denia residential towers
Corner plaza of Nicola and Hastings Street
Private development
stainless steel, concrete, glass, fresnel lenses
Site-integrated work
In place
Privately owned
Scopes of Site
Description of work
Six stainless steel and concrete shafts rise from the ground on a south facing grassy knoll that forms a public garden for a residential tower.piece is inspired by the capture of image and the play of time in film media.
Artist statement
The scopes refer to exploration devices that were used for the unsuccessful discovery of coal on the site in the mid 19th Century. The pieces act as periscopes and telescopes through which the viewer can see a layered collage of actual, reflected and created views of the past and the present of the site.
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