Public Art Registry
Community Stepping Stones
Community Stepping Stones
4397 West 2nd Avenue
West Point Grey Community Centre
In place
City of Vancouver
Description of work
The artist worked with community members to create mosaics made of pebbles that are implanted at ground level. The mosaics can be found around the community centre and in other sites throughout the neighbourhood.
Artist statement
"Part of the reason we are so attracted to the simple earthiness of pebble mosaics is that we wander through largely de-natured landscapes, depersonalized environments where the origins of materials is unknown. Eventually we stop wondering, and we lose emotional connections with the spirit of this place. These mosaics are conversation starters. Conversations can lead to discussions, debates, revolutions or simply new acquaintances. Mosaics are like communities; each individual piece is essential to the larger picture." -from Parks Board web site
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