Public Art Registry
Solar Patterns I & II
Photo: Shirley Wiebe
Solar Patterns I & II - photo by Shirley Wiebe
Prince Edward St, 41st to Marine Dr
Between 41st and Marine Drive
Two-dimensional artwork
In place
City of Vancouver
Solar Patterns
Description of work

Brightly coloured aluminum banners are mounted on light poles along Prince Edward Street. This first phase was between 41st and 54th Avenues and the second extended the project to Marine Drive. The banners each have a variation on a stylized sun motif. A series of small circular cut-outs represent a portion of the path of the sun through the year. Students from the two elementary schools along Prince Edward Street were invited to create drawings for three of the graphic cut-outs on the banners. The Prince Edward Public Art Committee (PEPART) selected the winning drawings, one of which was used in two ways: fistly, to ceate a banner design, and secondly, to create a concrete stamp for any curb or sidewalk work done along Prince Edward.

Artist statement
The imagery of the sun is "the one energy that links all life. By introducing symbols from many cultures throughout history, the banners widen our perspective by recognizing this multi-cultural neighbourhood and its interconnectedness with the world community. The colours yellow, saffron and orange are echoed in the Punjabi Market spices and in the Chinese symbols for prosperity. In Western culture they are also associated with fall,…. The banners will compliment the street gardens and draw the eye upward. In winter months, the bold colour of the banners will provide a welcome contrast to Vancouver's typically grey skies, acting as a reminder of the sun's return.
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