Public Art Registry
Moving Pictures
Moving Pictures
1133 Seymour
Vancouver International Film Festival Centre
SW corner
Galvanized steel and lenses
Site-integrated work
In place
City of Vancouver
Amacon-Omni Management
Light-based workVideo
Description of work
Moving Pictures "uses simple camera optics to capture a "real-time" film strip of flowering street trees and people and cars passing by. At night, the tree's natural seasonal cycle is theatrically accelerated by a colour-changing LED fixture located in one of the art objects." "Each of three viewfinders holds a series of different perspectives of the tree and its context behind to create a different cinematic composition. The multiple images are inverted, similar to those created by a primitive camera, and may appear to be static and unchanging. The realization that the images are actually real-time "moving pictures" may be further understood once another passer-by or a car moves through the image plane that is reflected onto the viewing surfaces." - artist's proposal
Artist statement
"Moving Pictures illustrates cinematic elements of changing perspective and the play of time, to create a greater understanding of film media. Formed from the composition of three vertical viewfinders, natural and artificial lighting, and landscape elements, the piece assembles a filmic montage in which images of the same object, captured and framed from different points of view and through different perceptions of time, can be seen by the viewer." - artist's proposal
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