Public Art Registry
Khenko - photo by the artist
George Wainborn Park
In place
City of Vancouver
Description of work
Khenko is made up of a wire sculpture of a heron with a recently swallowed fish visible in its belly and four large sails that move with the wind.
Artist statement
During the industrial era of False Creek, many fish and wildlife left the area. The piece celebrates the heron's return to False Creek as a symbol of hope and restoration. The main focus of my practice, as a sculptor, has been to build kinetic assemblages which are in some way moved by the wind or water. The presence of a whimsical element is signature to my work and in part accounts for it’s popularity with children. I often combine folk art sensibility and hi-tech mechanics to thematically explore the relationships between society, technology, and the environment. I then relate this sculptural practice to the specific demands of public art.
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