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Photo: Howard Ursuliak
Park by Marko Simcic - photo by Howard Ursuliak
Park by Marko Simcic - photo by Howard Ursuliak
Parked on Prior Street, north end of Strathcona Park, East and West entrances.
stainless steel
In place
City of Vancouver
Art on Ontario
Description of work

Park consists of two mobile, stainless steel sculptural objects each approximately the size and weight of a small automobile. The sculptures occupy curb lane parking spots and are relocated from time to time to various addresses along the Ontario Greenway. Whether adjacent to public sites such as schools or parks, commercial properties, or permitted to occupy residential parking through their 'adoption' by Ontario Street residents, Park tracks the many forms by which the street, our most symbolic public space, is regulated. The future public presence of Park, in large part, will depend upon ongoing interest and participation by the citizens of Vancouver. For more information, contact the City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program at or call 3-1-1.

Artist statement
Park explores the nature and value of public and private space in our urban experience.
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