Public Art Registry
Capturing the View
Photo: Jesse Caswell
Capturing the View - photo by Jesse Caswell
Capturing the View - photo by Jesse Caswell
277 Thurlow Street
Three Harbour Green
Public plaza at building entrance
Private development
Stainless steel, backlit acrylic, LED's
In place
Three Harbour Green Strata Corporation
Description of work
Three tapered sculptures reach upwards and outward to capture and absorb Vancouver vistas for pedestrians - vistas typically seen only from Coal Harbour penthouses
Artist statement
"A composition of three sculptural tree-like towers reach upwards and outwards towards Vancouver’s most desired views: the Mountains, the Park and the Water. The art elements capture distant vistas, absorbing them within the pieces’ inner cores as glowing coloured landscapes. The sculptures’ outer shells simultaneously reflect the local surroundings reaffirming the intimacy, beauty and significance of their immediate urban context." []
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