Public Art Registry
Radius Mural
Photo: Richard Tetrault
Radius Mural - photo by Richard Tetrault
Firehall Arts Centre
In place
Privately owned
Year of Reconciliation Project
Description of work
This mural is one of the City's Year of Reconciliation Projects, and is based on the cultural links and connectivity of Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese cultures. The convergence of these groups is protrayed in a woven design with symbols, narratives and text from each culture. The mural was conceived with input from each of the three communities, and incorporated into the final design. The mural includes many unifying elements including a large wave suggesting constancy, adaptability, humans' relationship to nature and connectivity to roots and language. Artists Eri Ishii, Richard Tetrault, Jerry Whitehead and June Yun worked with mentored youth from each cultural group on the painting of the mural.
Artist statement
Four paddles of Salish design, represent the four directions, and contain images of Salish serpents, and other glyph forms. The tops of the largest paddle is in flames, alluding to the great fire of Vancouver in 1886, an event that left many from the early city trapped on the shores of the Burrard Inlet. Indians of the Coast Salish Squamish arrived in their dugout canoes to rescue people, sheltering them in their nearby village church. The poem that was sung as they paddled the inlet is inscribed on the bow of the canoe. The movement of the paddles is echoed in vertical bamboo along the left side, superimposed with the Hanji character meaning 'Harmony" and aims to emphasize the collaborative nature of this project as well as the unique characteristic of the Downtown Eastside where several cultures co-exist in harmony.
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