Public Art Registry
516 West 50th Avenue
Cambria Park
Between the two residential buildings fronting Cambie Street and in front of the private residential green space between the two buildings. Adjacent to the Cambie Street pedestrian path.
Private development
Cast aluminum boulder replicas with protective paint coating
In place
Mosaic Homes
Description of work

WHERENESS is composed of six aluminum cast boulders with one original ‘glacial erratic’ granite boulder at the base, sourced from the Cambria site, fixed in a tower shape around a steel axis. The work is 20’ high and 4’ in diameter. The aluminum boulders have a natural aluminum colour and protective finish. A concrete slope and foundation topped with loose-fill river rock is at the base of the stone tower.

Artist statement

WHERENESS pays reverence to the eternal land by connecting the past to a present which is continually unfolding. A glacial boulder was selected from the earth at the project site, and six replica ‘boulders’ were cast from aluminum. WHERENESS provides a tactile link and landmark between the area’s geological past and its current situation. It is a visual puzzle to be examined and contemplated ‘in the round.’ WHERENESS acknowledges an ancient human practice of piling rocks at certain points along pathways to guide travelers. This 20’ tall column of boulders creates a new ‘point along the way’ for an emerging neighbourhood on the Cambie corridor in Vancouver.

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