Public Art Registry
Still Standing
Photo: The Collective You
Still Standing by Samuel Roy-Bois - photo by The Collective You
1750 Pendrell Street
The artwork sits on the raised HHS steel beams in front of the amenities building to the west of the main building on Pendrell Street
Private development
Aluminum; Steel
Site-integrated work
In place
Description of work

Still Standing is a folding screen live structure made up of aluminum "shingles" evoking the cedar shakes of the old west end houses, First Nations plank houses and fish scales.

Artist statement

The West End of Vancouver has experienced many transformations as it has evolved from a densely forested area to an urban neighborhood. Still Standing salutes the neighborhood’s once dominant Victorian architectural aesthetic while alluding -- through its fish scale pattern -- to the role of biomimicry in our interactions with the world.

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