Public Art Registry
聚 Gathering
Photo: Rachel Topham
Gathering by Dawn Lo - photo by Rachel Topham
555 Columbia Street
Chinese Cultural Center (CCC)
Mural on a shutter door on Carrall St, facing the SUCCESS Senior Care Home
Paint and Oil based markers
In place
Privately owned
Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019
Description of work

The artwork is part of a series of murals in Chinatown, commissioned through the City's Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019. In February 2019, the City invited proposals for temporary painted murals and digital printed artwork within Chinatown's public realm. In April 2019, proposals were shortlisted by a panel of art experts from Chinatown who have cultural knowledge of the neighbourhood's heritage, with four projects then recommended for commission.

The mural depicts a huge communal table in the center where people of different ethnicities and ages are joined together; they are engaged in activities that can be easily found happening in Chinatown, from eating Asian pastries to language learning.

Artist statement

“聚 Gathering” is a mural painting that celebrates diversity and the thriving intergenerational community in Chinatown.

The site of this mural plays an important role of representing Chinese cultural heritage in Vancouver. Chinese Cultural Center (CCC) has been providing facilities and initiatives for language classes, exhibitions, and cultural performances etc since the 1920s. Not limited to only Chinese-speaking patrons, CCC is a safe space where those who love Chinese culture can share their interests and where young people or native-born Chinese can explore their roots. It is important to emphasize that Chinatown is not only for Chinese or tourists but a space that welcomes everyone to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

When one generation passes their secret recipes or tell their life stories to the next generation, it is like passing down little pieces of cultural heritage. I hope the mural introduces a slice of Chinatown’s multicultural and intergenerational community in a fun and optimistic way.

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