Public Art Registry
Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea
Photo: Rachel Topham
Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea byBagua Artist Association - photo by Rachel Topham
Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea byBagua Artist Association - photo by Rachel Topham
218 E Georgia St
Liang You Bookstore
Adjacent to the laneway
Acrylic Latex Paint
In place
City of Vancouver
Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019
Description of work

This artwork is part of a series of murals in Chinatown, commissioned through the City's Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019. In February 2019, the City invited proposals for temporary painted murals and digital printed artwork within Chinatown's public realm. In April 2019, proposals were shortlisted by a panel of art experts from Chinatown who have cultural knowledge of the neighbourhood's heritage, with four projects then recommended for commission.

Artist statement

“Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea” is a familiar story from Chinese folklore about eight immortals crossing the East Sea differently with their special powers. The saying “eight immortals crossing the sea, each with their prowess” has become an allegory to describe how everyone has a unique way to complete the task. The eight immortals, in the context of migration, can be seen as representations and celebrations of diversity in all the individuals that make up the history of Vancouver’s Chinatown: those who have overcome difficulties, and those who have made contributions to
this community, each in their own way.

We hope the mural, through its exploration of Chinese mythology in a local context, can act as a catalyst to re-imagine Vancouver’sChinatown, its history, and its people as the work re-interprets a traditional story in celebration of the real stories of the community members who shaped this neighbourhood. We also hope the depiction of a classic legend can spark conversations between generations, and provide an opportunity to bridge cultures.



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