Public Art Registry
Celebrating Spring Festival in Chinatown
Photo: Rachel Topham
Celebrating Spring Festival in Chinatown by Shuren Arthur Cheng - photo by Rachel Topham
180 Keefer Street
In place
City of Vancouver
Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019
Description of work

This artwork is part of a series of murals in Chinatown, commissioned through the City's Chinatown Mural Artist Call 2019. In February 2019, the City invited proposals for temporary painted murals and digital printed artwork within Chinatown's public realm. In April 2019, proposals were shortlisted by a panel of art experts from Chinatown who have cultural knowledge of the neighbourhood's heritage, with four projects then recommended for commission.

Artist statement

The historical Chinatown Spring Festival parade fully reflects the success of multiculturalism in Canada. The setting of this mural painting is in front of the Millennium Gate in Chinatown, It is a joyful celebration, with Chinese traditional dragon and line dances welcoming the god of wealth. In attendance are people from the political and business circles as well as from the Chinese community. There are also the veterans’ military band members and people from the various indigenous nations. The scene depicted symbolizes the longevity and prosperity of Vancouver Chinatown.

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