Public Art Registry
Photo: Rachel Topham
Untitled (Hogan's Alley) by Ejiwa Ebenebe - photo by Rachel Topham
258 Union Street
Nora Hendrix Place
On the west facing wall
Digitally printed vinyl
In place
City of Vancouver
BC Housing
Hogan Alley Artist Call 2019
Description of work

In partnership with Hogan's Alley Society, BC Housing and the PHS Society, this artwork was commissioned through the City's Hogan Alley Artist Call 2019. In February 2019, the City invited proposals for a temporary painted mural or digital printed artwork to be located in Hogan's Alley. 

Artist statement

"Learning that a vibrant community of Black Canadians was not only tragically erased, but that their memory is nearly forgotten, comes as a harsh shock. But focusing only on the pain of this tragedy isn’t telling the complete story. Instead, I’ve become driven by how strongly the voices of triumph and hope still ring out from underneath the loss.

With this piece I wish to highlight a vibrant, joyful perspective: one of hope and a future built from past remnants.

Motifs of music and laughter emerge throughout the stories and memories I have encountered. The passion for rebuilding, of bringing back to Vancouver what has been lost, is particularly moving. This tribute explores growth and rebirth - our youth rediscovering their roots and communing with their forebears through whatever means available. 

Hogan’s Alley is a precious piece of history in dire need of remembrance and revival. With this project I hope to do justice to the memories of our predecessors, as well as respect the wishes of those who strive to preserve our history."

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