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The Seven Fires Prophecies
Photo: SITE Photography
Seven Fires Prophecies by Joshua Mangeshlg Pawis-Steckley - photo by Courtesy of the artist
Seven Fires Prophecies by Joshua Mangeshlg Pawis-Steckley - photo by SITE Photography
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch
Digital artwork printed on vinyl banners
Two-dimensional artwork
In place
City of Vancouver
Indigenous Mural Artist Call 2019
Description of work

This artwork is part of a series of Indigenous artwork, commissioned through the City’s Indigenous Artist Call 2019.  In February 2019, the City invited proposals for temporary painted murals and digital printed artwork within Vancouver’s public realm, located on the unceded ancestral homelands of the Musqueam, Squamish and TsleilWaututh peoples. In April 2019, proposals were shortlisted by a panel of urban and local Indigenous art experts, with six projects then recommended for commission. 

Artist statement

These banners show the story of the Anishinaabe Seven Fires Prophecies, which show the history of our people, our resiliency, our strength and our resurgence. Each fire is a representation of an era in Anishinaabeg history, foretelling our migration westward, the coming of Europeans, and our present day where we now stand in the seventh fire. Each of the banners is represented by an animal with importance within our culture that relates to each fire and illustrates our storytelling expertise. With the telling of this story, it is my aim to inspire Indigenous people to relearn our stories and teachings. I also wish to encourage discussion about reconciliation and protecting our earth.

The Anishinaabeg are a proud and loving nation with a rich spiritual history. With these banners I’m bringing our stories to the library as a place of learning, to share our culture and knowledge with the west coast.


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