Public Art Registry
Artwork has been removed.
Photo: Skai Fowler
Collection - photo by Skai Fowler
This Artwork has been temporarily removed for repairs.
Yaletown Edge
The artwork has been removed from this location.
stainless steel, concrete, plastic, glass
Site-integrated work
No longer in place
City of Vancouver
Concord Pacific
City of Vancouver Private Development Program
Description of work
**THIS ARTWORK HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY REMOVED FOR REPAIRS** The artwork includes six concrete and steel receptacles installed along the sidewalk: three red, wedge-shape time capsules and three stainless refuse containers
Artist statement
The project represents layers of social and cultural histories through the metaphor of 'discarded' objects, suggesting different uses and inhabitation. "The project features two types of works which though formally similar, operate differently: Collection was installed in Vancouver in November 1994 and confronts some of the expectations currently surrounding the idea of public art, referring to the monument which continues to inform the expectations and legibility of most public works'. The steel containers in Refuse are actual refuse collectors: the concrete bases recall the idea of a plinth (with the steel wedge acting as a 'monument'). Collection functions as conduits for the 'preservation' of discarded and waste objects, parodying the idea of archaeology and historical recovery." (page 79, Art and Design)
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