Public Art Registry
Ksan Mural
Ksan Mural
1025 West Georgia at Burrard
Royal Bank
Red cedar
In place
Description of work
This beautiful 9-panel frieze was carved in red cedar and painted by five artists over a period of three months. It depicts the Gitksan mythical character Weget (Man-Raven), who created our world through his mischievous activities. The Gitksan people live near the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers in north central BC. According to a brochure published by the Royal Bank, the 3 central panels represent various myths: In one, Raven disguises himself in the skin of a deer in order to steal fire from the humans (shown as small faces in the lower corners). In the second story, Raven goes through a hole in the sky to steal the sun. The image depicts the sun (central to the panel) clutched in his claws over the box he put it in. As the story goes, he dropped the box in his haste and that's how light came to the world. Other creatures (salmon and seal) are depicted around his wings. In the third panel, Raven attempts to capture a fish to eat. As the fish struggles to get away, his head becomes misshapen and that's how the bullhead fish came to be. The side panels represent specific totem creatures: the frog, the wolf, the killer whale, the owl, the human and the bear.
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