Public Art Registry
Photo: Maxime Cyr-Morton
The Crab - photo by Maxime Cyr-Morton
1100 Chestnut Street
Vanier Park
Front entrance of Vancouver Museum/HR MacMillan Space Centre
Stainless steel
In place
City of Vancouver
Description of work
The 20' high, stainless steel fountain sculpture is made of many separate parts in the shape of a crab. It is sited in front of the Vancouver Museum/Planetarium.
Artist statement
The sculpture was chosen over two other entries in a contest held by the women's sub-committee of the Vancouver Centennial Committee. $27000 for the sculpture was raised through luncheons and fashion shows and a $20000 grant was received from the Centennial Committee. The sculpture cost $20000 and the fountain infrastructure cost $24000. The crab represents the First Nations legend of the crab as the guardian of the harbour and was also the zodiac sign at the time of the Canadian Centennial. The pieces of the sculpture were welded together by Gus Lidberg over a three-month period. The sculpture was barged down False Creek from Ellett Copper and Brass Co on W.2nd where it was built. (M.Jesen, Vancouver Sun, Oct 3 1968)
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