Public Art Registry
Broken Column, (Pendulum)
Broken Column (Pendulum)
Broken Column (Pendulum) - photo by Maxime Cyr-Morton
885 West Georgia Street
HSBC Building
Interior, main lobby
Private development
Aluminum, electric motor
In place
Description of work
Located in the lobby of the HSBC Building at Georgia and Hornby, "The Pendulum" is suspended from the glass ceiling of the atrium. The pendulum swings slowly through the space until it aligns at one end of its arc with an angled, stationary plinth.
Artist statement
Coincidentally, the pendulum's movement "is sympathetic with the alpha waves our brains produce when we're resting with our eyes closed." -Alan Storey in "Public Art Success Storey" by Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight, June 20-27, 2002
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