Public Art Registry
Brush With Illumination
Brush With Illumination - photo by Barbara Cole
Brush With Illumination
False Creek seawall near David Lam Park
Approx. 60 feet offshore
Stainless steel, solar panels, battery, electronics, and transmitter
In place
City of Vancouver
Concord Pacific
City of Vancouver Private Development Program
Description of work

An illuminated environmentally interactive "brush" responds to wind, tide, and wave action, and rests on a steel piling balanced by two large spun steel buoys. The brush moves with the currents and originally transmitted weather data and tide changes to an artist website ( but is no longer functioning.

Artist statement

"…Brush with Illumination is the evolutionary successor of an ancient communication tool: the calligraphy brush. The piece is fitted with an array of sensors that glean environmental data from the air and water as the sculpture responds to environmental conditions, and transmit it both visually, through the laser-lighted pulsation's of the cursor at the tip of the brush, and electronically to a land based computer. Mathematical functions translate these elemental events in a series of characters that are continually on display…"

No longer transmitting data, website no longer accessible. SM  

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