Public Art Registry
Healing the Cut - Bridging the Gap
Healing the Cut - Bridging the Gap
Over Grandview Cut between Broadway and 10th Avenue
Victoria Drive Bridge
Centre, west side
Site-integrated work
In place
City of Vancouver
Grandview Cut
Description of work
Nesting boxes, planting, and a telescope in an alcove of Victoria Dr. Bridge
Artist statement
The history of the piece was actually quite interventionist, in that Janis and I were atempting to promote an environmentally sound alternative to a proposed freeway (now cancelled) which was to have gone through the Grandview Cut. The City had originally planned a vertical concrete wall at the site to accomodate future freeway construction and "healing the Cut - Bridging the Gap" was designed to prevent that from hapenning. Golden Willow, Cottonwood, Black Locust, and Butterfly Bush were planted to stabilize erosion which started after the bridge and the condominium unit on top of the ravine were constructed. The nesting birds would bring in the seeds of other plants in their droppings. Eventually the Engineering Dept. was won over by our ecological approach.
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