Public Art Registry
1233 West Cordova
Harbour Green
Private gates
Private development
Glass and aluminum tubing
In place
Privately owned
Harbour Green Development
Description of work
Seventeen glass and aluminum gates designate the entranceways to the private suites. Each has a unique image inset into it, ranging from abstract forms to a representation of sailboats, water, and other images referring to the natural or social setting. The artist interviewed the townhouse residents to make the works personally relevant. The gateways embrace the idea of life as a passage. ( R. Laurence, The Art of Place, The Georgia Straight, June 5-12, 2003) The artist also created a large illuminated glass wall piece for the tower lobby.
Artist statement
Semaphores makes connections to historical and existing associations while drawing the viewer into new relationships to the site. This installation (34 gates when completed, summer 2004) of intended diversity and uniqueness, engages the public through its accessibility and maintains an open space for lyrical discovery. By using colored glass as a kaleidoscope of sensitive hues, the seriousness of painting is removed. Each painting acquires through its intrinsic translucency a depth and vibrancy that allows the images to float. The lobby artwork at the Carina and Callisto is made up of key components to the gates. In the Carina "Dusk", inspired by water (which is 4 billion years old), and "Rib Boat Bench", inspired by the local boat building industry in 1900, are made out of Sitka spruce, consciously resonating with the site, physically and culturally. Claudia Cuesta
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