Public Art Registry
Photo: City of Vancouver
The Drop - photo by Martin Tessler
The Drop - photo by City of Vancouver
The Drop - photo by inges idee
1055 Canada Place (foot of Burrard Street)
Vancouver Convention Centre
Bon Voyage Plaza
Private development
Polyurethane over EPS
In place
BC Pavco
Description of work
A large, gentle "raindrop" captured in its descent at the moment of contact.
Artist statement
Thrust into the waters of Burrard Inlet, The Drop playfully invites the viewer to reflect on our relationship with this precious commodity of water, and by extension, on the history, complexity, and future of our waterfront. The Drop pays homage to the element of water and the un-tameable forces of nature which are omnipresent in Vancouver. The slender, elongated sculpture balances as if a huge raindrop were on the verge of landing on the sea walk. Although the sculpture takes a natural phenomenon as its starting point, it displays a technical perfection, artificially coloured to correspond to the sky and contrasting with the pale yellow mass of the mountain of sulphur visible on the horizon, waiting to be loaded into cargo ships. The sculpture’s angle and orientation create a visual dialogue with the architecture of the Convention Centre West, as well as with the bows of the gigantic cruise ships frequently docked nearby. Like an abstract, radiant-blue ship’s figurehead, it marks the interface between land and water, between nature and technology.
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