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Media work
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City of Vancouver
Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program - Mapping and Marking - Artist-Initiated
Description of work
Surface is a live documentary of the underwater life of False Creek, transmitted from a camera mounted under an aquabus (a small commuter ferry). The submerged camera feeds streaming video 24 hours/day directly to and to a TV monitor mounted inside the boat, which people can watch while riding the ferry. The live footage can also be seen on screens at various locations on Granville Island. The live stream functions as an abstract mix of colours and impressions, until crustaceans or fish swim by. After dusk, Surface takes on a more intimate world, when tiny crustaceans, larval animals and eels can be seen. During the term of its installation, Vancouver artist Fiona Bowie hopes to track the health of False Creek’s marine life as evidence of our collective footprint.
Artist statement
Surface will evolve over time, reflecting the health of marine life as evidence of our collective activity: the future of the work and what is manifest is wholly dependent on us.
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