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Every Letter In The Alphabet
Artwork has been removed.
Every Letter In The Alphabet
The artwork has been removed from this location.
Two-dimensional artwork
No longer in place
City of Vancouver
Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program - Mapping and Marking - Artist-Initiated
Description of work
Every Letter In The Alphabet (ELITA) is a yearlong project that will commission, collect and produce text works for distribution and placement in and around Vancouver and its environs. Through this process, Farmer aims to create dialogue about the texts and the city itself. The primary format of the works will be simple black and white text posters, although banners, newspaper ads and other print vehicles are also possible. Located in East Vancouver, the project space is open to the public and features both a reading room and an exhibition space. The project begins on November 15, 2009 and will continue through the fall of 2010. A book of the collected documents will be published in December 2010. The first exhibition, openned November 20, 2009, THREE LITTLE WORDS. People were invited to send their favourite three words to and each submission was turned into a small handcrafted sign and displayed in the studio as part of the exhibit. Signs were sold for three dollars, with all proceeds going towards future ELITA projects.
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