Public Art Registry
Kingsway Luminaires
Photo: Scott Massey
Kingsway Luminaires
Kingsway Luminaires - photo by Scott Massey
Kingsway at Knight Street
In place
City of Vancouver
Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program - Mapping and Marking - Artist-Initiated
Description of work
Vancouver artist David MacWilliam’s six hand-cast translucent forms stand as beacons on lamp standards in the medians on Kingsway near Knight Street. Inspired by combinations of historical streetlights, Kingsway Luminaires features LED lights that slowly change colour, beginning at dusk and continuing through dawn. The artist’s intent is to provide nearby residents and commuters a multi-hued marker as part of their everyday experience.
Artist statement
My intention is to produce a light work that provides a subtly changing daily experience for repeat audiences. Kingsway Luminaires will provide a marker for those neighbours and commuters who pass by it, delight in it, and claim it as a part of their everyday experience.
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